Emilie comes prepared, excited, and ready to leave it all on stage. She’s a joy to work with.
— Baily Hancock

It was great having Emilie speak at our Women@Google luncheon. We enjoyed her tangible tips to help us with our careers and well-being.

- Erica Hanson, Google NYC

The insight she shared was actionable just as promised, and our guests all left feeling energized, inspired and empowered to begin making the changes needed to sustain their ongoing success.

- Carryl Pierre-Lewis, Fullscreen

Her energy was a great opening for our conference. Emilie’s presentation gave our attendees practical take-aways to improve their career paths and inspired them to take charge of their careers and their lives.
— Amy Van Dorp, WithIT

Not only does Emilie have a world of knowledge, but she does so in one of the most fun, engaging ways I've seen! Everything Emilie suggests is evidence-based and she gives concrete examples for how to implement new tactics into everyday life. I've rarely seen other speakers achieve this balance of expertise and relatability. Emilie is the real deal.

- Sarah Overmyer, Indeed

Emilie has a unique message that can be tailored to address all working professionals, and is especially needed in the nonprofit world. It's a great reminder for all of us to keep ourselves on our priority lists and stay connected to the purpose that drove us to this work in the first place. Emilie’s message will help sustain our team so we can continue to best serve those in our community.

- Kristen Snow, NEDA

The workshop portion of the session was very relevant and meaningful, and Emilie was just as delightful and engaging during her book signing. Cannot recommend her enough!
— Sarah Grooms, Wintrust

Emilie is a BOSS! What an inspiration she was to our colleagues! She beams with encouragement and wisdom for all ages and levels.

- Amber Walker, AMEX

Emilie took command of the stage and set the right tone for the day. I highly recommend her and her ability to motivate and educate any audience.

- Ever Gonzalez, Outlier Festival

Emilie spoke to over 400 women at Google in San Francisco and did an amazing job of articulating the importance of speaking assertively at work. The feedback from attendees was outstanding! I highly recommend Emilie to all women in tech and engineering, who can have a tough time finding their voice.
— Mahak Sharma, Google SF

“Emilie is an inspiring and polished speaker. She worked very closely with the Society for Marketing Professional Services in tailoring a program on combating unconscious gender bias for our Northeast Regional Conference. Her passion for her subject matter is contagious; program attendees left energized with clear take-aways to help improve their respective firms’ diversity and inclusion practices. We would highly recommend her for any speaking engagement!”

- Rebecca Roy, SMPS

Comments from our attendees included: “Phenomenal! Awesome! Impactful,” "Great high energy start to the day,” "I loved her enthusiasm," "Great presenter, upbeat and relatable," "Helped me become mindful of speech patterns that diminish my voice," and "Extremely valuable information that can be executed daily in my professional and personal life.” Bottom line: Emilie’s message is powerful, she personifies what she presents, and she catered to needs of our audience specifically. Seeing her personally deliver the message was so empowering for attendees that are struggling with communication.”

- Tanya Wilson, Norco College

Emilie’s does an impeccable job of connecting with groups - even virtually over video - and sharing her story and leadership training.
— Lou Collins, Greenlight